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Thirty years ago, while completing a Master’s degree, Patricia Downey borrowed a Nikon camera to take an elective course in photography. She was hooked! While life took her in another direction (management positions in media, public relations and HR development) for a few decades, she always dreamed of returning to her passion for photography.

A move to Southwest Florida with her wonderful husband, Jim, gave her an opportunity to pursue that dream. The abundance of amazing wildlife in this region was the impetus for her re-entry into the photography arena. Photos under the Sun was born!

The work focuses on bringing forth the immense intrigue in everyday scenes—whether it connotes a mountainous landscape; the swirl of a fishing line; the quiet sublimity reflected by a light beam in a slot canyon; or a waterway with just the strokes of receding light to color it. She strives to capture what moves her on an emotional and aesthetical level. In pursuit of that, she visualizes the desired image; and sometimes will happen upon the serendipity of something elusive—like a bird on the wing painted by a fading sun.

Her ultimate goal is to bring about a commitment to cherish the environment and a resolve to conserve our ever-diminishing natural habitats. The body of the current work has been photographed from the Carolinas through the Florida Keys and from the southwestern states of Arizona and Utah to the Yosemite Valley and the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. The work includes land- and seascapes; wildlife; waterfalls; Fall colors; desert and mountainous vistas; and slot canyons.

She produces in color and black and white in a variety of papers and canvas. The artwork is available in framed prints, on gallery wraps, and matted prints. As for techniques, at times, she uses the darkroom (in her case, the digital one) to enhance the work by adding filters and/or painting with light. She also produces panoramic and high dynamic range images.

A native of Ireland, she spent many years in Europe as a student and worker—primarily in France and Italy where she was surrounded by art in all forms from numerous centuries. In her work today, she draws from that influence and from a formal education in art appreciation and history; and photography. She has two Masters degrees and is multi-lingual.

A Word from Patricia

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All of the images shown here are available in many sizes, papers and canvas. Every image can also be produced in a high quality greeting card. The greeting cards are presented in a box of ten. Email me at for more information and pricing.

May your life have a trillion extraordinary moments of joy and beauty!


Patricia Downey
Estero, Florida